Survey Results

At the 2014 Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association annual meeting, residents of the neighborhood who attended were given six sticker dots and one star to indicate what issues were important to them. The star indicated the issue of most importance. In all, 798 dots and 91 stars were placed. Thank you to all who participated in this “Dot-Mocracy voting” at the annual meeting!

The results of this democracy-style voting identified the following “LHENA Top 6″ as the most important issues to the neighborhood residents who voted:
1. Development and Rezoning
2.Bikes, Pedestrians, Traffic and Streets
3.Improve Infrastructure
6. Improve Housing Stock

The LHENA “Top 6″ issues were then presented to the community via a rank -style survey on Survey Monkey.  Here are the results of the survey.  Thank you to all who participated!  LHENA will be using these results to guide priorities for the Neighborhood Priority Plan.   The community will be voting on these priorities in October.

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Environment Committee Meeting

The new Environment Committee will meet this Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at Common Roots Cafe, 2558 Lyndale Ave S. Everyone is welcome! Bring your energy and enthusiasm!

Questions? Contact


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By-law change

At the September 17, 2014 LHENA board meeting all voting members of LHENA will vote on a by-law change to allow email voting by the LHENA Board. The primary purpose for the proposed by-law change is to allow meeting minutes to be approved and posted in a timely manner. Items voted on by email will be included in the next month’s meeting minutes

Sec. 5.05 Remove language:
If an action of the Board is required without a regular or special meeting, a motion must be made in writing, approved by written signature by a 2/3 majority and signed by all available Board members. Written notice must be delivered 48 hours in advance for the motion to take effect.

Sec 5.05 New language:
This organization recognizes that authenticated electronic communication which meets the requirements of this section may legally satisfy written record and signature requirements necessary for valid records, signatures, and contracts. Authenticated communications are those communications that set forth information from which the organization can reasonably conclude that the communication was sent by the purported sender and are delivered to the principal place of business of the organization, or to an officer or agent of the organization who is authorized by the organization to receive the communication.

Any action that may be taken by the Board of Directors may be taken without a meeting, when authorized in writing by 2/3s of the Directors. Any action required or permitted to be taken at a Board meeting may be taken by written action signed by the number of Directors that would be required to take the same action at a meeting of the Board of Directors at which all Directors were present. All Directors entitled to vote shall be notified immediately of the action’s text and effective date. The failure to provide such notice, however, shall not invalidate such written action. A Director who has not signed or consented to the written action has no liability for the action or actions taken thereby. A written action is effective when it is signed by all of the Directors required to take the action unless a different effective time is provided in the written action. Any action taken without a meeting will be presented as such in the Minutes of the next full Board Meeting immediately following the action.

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