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At the 2014 Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association annual meeting, residents of the neighborhood who attended were given six sticker dots and one star to indicate what issues were important to them. The star indicated the issue of most importance. In all, 798 dots and 91 stars were placed. Thank you to all who participated in this “Dot-Mocracy voting” at the annual meeting!

The results of this democracy-style voting identified the following “LHENA Top 6″ as the most important issues to the neighborhood residents who voted:
1. Development and Rezoning
2.Bikes, Pedestrians, Traffic and Streets
3.Improve Infrastructure
6. Improve Housing Stock

Please help us determine how best to move ahead in these areas. Please rank the ideas listed under each of the top 6 issues identified at our annual meeting with 1 being the most important to you. We are also interested in any other ideas that you may have. Thank you for making your voice heard!

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