Zoning and Planning Agenda

Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA) 

Zoning and Planning Committee

Meeting Agenda

July 12, 2017 | 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
LOCATION: SpringHouse Ministry Center ( 610 W 28th Street , 28th Street and Garfield Ave)
LHENA Zoning and Planning Committee meetings are open to the public, but voting is limited to
LHENA Members (residents, business owners, and property owners within neighborhood
borders of Lyndale, Lake, & Hennepin). Proof of residence may be required to vote.
LHENA is committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful community discussion. All
attendees are expected to act respectfully and speak concisely. If you are in need of translation,
interpretation, or other accessibility services, please contact LHENA staff
( wedgecoordinator@gmail.com ) at least three business days prior to the meeting.

6:30 p.m.    Call to Order: Introduction of Members and Guests (please sign in)
6:35 p.m.    Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes
6:40 p.m.    New Development Discussion: Peris Housing, 1930 Hennepin Avenue
6:55 p.m.    New Development Discussion: Great Northern Smokehouse, 701 W Lake Street
7:10 p.m.    New Development Discussion: 2429 Lyndale Avenue
7:25 p.m.    Discussion: Committee Norms, Goals, and Objectives
7:40 p.m.    Development Updates:
– Mosaic East, 2900 Fremont Avenue
7:42 p.m.    City of Minneapolis Project Updates
– 26th & 28th Streets
– Hennepin Avenue, Lake Street to 36th Street
7:45 p.m.     LHENA Transportation Study
– Summary of engagement to date
– Follow-up survey
– Traffic/Delivery/Loading concerns: Dupont and Emerson Avenues
between 28th and Lake Streets
7:55 p.m.    New Business
7:58 p.m.    Old Business
8:00 p.m.    Adjournment