March Zoning and Planning Agenda





Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Conflict Resolution Center – 2101 Hennepin Ave. Suite 100


6:30p.m.              Call to Order – Introduction of Members and Guests (please sign in)

6:35p.m.              Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes

6:40p.m.              Local Development & Project Updates (Chair)

  • Marquee Apartments (Franklin & Lyndale)- as of 2 March, 2017
    • “TGMA Developers Llc.”
    • No start date set
    • The Rudolphs Parking lot is still owned by Rudolphs but there is a purchase agreement with TGMA Developers Llc.
    • The final application has not been submitted or been approved through the Preliminary Development Review
    • Building permits have not been issued
    • They have applied and received a grant for environmental cleanup and for the bus stop
    • Planner assigned to the project – mei-ling.smith@minneapolismngov
  • Mortimer’s – Franklin Lyndale
    • CPM
  • Board Actions on Z&P recommendations:
    • Approved support for Lynhall Liquor License request
  • Hennepin Ave Reconstruction between Lake & 36th St
    • Online Survey
    • Another Open House is scheduled for 9 March, 6-8pm at Bryant Square Park
    • Proposed dates for construction still this summer

6:50p.m.              26th/28th St Reconstruction Update

  • Report by Vice-Chair Nan Kalke

 7:00p.m.              Comprehensive Plan Engagement

  • Meeting in the Box Phase III/ Comp Plan
    • Facilitator
    • New Phase III questions not yet available
    • Volunteers to help direct to information and gather comments
    • Comp Plan Phase I (newly available) & II Results (see attached)
    • Community Connections Conference sign up now available (see attached)

 7:10p.m.              Z&P Presence at Annual Meeting & Traffic Study Outreach

  • April 19, 2017
  • Dotmocracy
  • Maps
  • Information Table


 7:55p.m.              New Business

7:58p.m.              Old Business

 8:00p.m.              Adjournment



  • February 2017 Minutes

LHENA Z&P Minutes Feb 8, 2017

  • Hennepin Ave Reconstruction

  • Hennepin Ave Reconstruction Survey

  • Comprehensive Plan Phase I Results (new)

  • Comp Plan Past Events 2016 Data (Each event is its own data – 2 pages)

  • Comprehensive Plan Phase II Results

  • Community Connections Conference Sign-up


 Speak respectfully. Be concise.

Public meeting – Open meeting but only LHENA members may vote on actions (residents, business owners, and property owners within neighborhood borders of Lyndale, Lake, & Hennepin).

Proof of residence may be required to vote.


Parking is in the rear of the building. CRC is inside the building next door to Minuteman Press. Please ring the bell for CRC, the doors are locked at night.


All are welcome. If you are in need of translation, interpretation or ADA services, please contact our staff person at least three business days prior to the meeting. Thank you.