Zoning & Planning minutes


Meeting Agenda
* See Attachments Below
Monday, December 8, 2014
6:30 – 8:15 p.m.
Jefferson School – Media Center
Speak respectfully. Be concise.
6:30 p.m. Call to Order
Introduction of Members and Guests (please sign in)
6:35 p.m. Approval of Agenda

6:40 p.m. Approval of Minutes July 9 and August 13 Z&P Committee Meetings

6:45 p.m. Progress Update – Lowry Hill East – Potential Historic District
Update – As per email from Ben Somogyi (See supporting pdf’s of Timeline and Meeting Minutes posted Dec 8 on Z&P Website)
Questions & Comments – (10 min)

7:05 p.m. Progress Update – CPED New, Expanded Zoning Study
Update – As per email from Brian Schaffer
(Including CPED modeling assistance to LHENA Z&P re AUTOCAD background)
Questions & Comments – (10 min)

7:15 p.m. Presentation – Wedge Area Corporate/Group Property Acquisitions
Map – Illustrating acquired and developed properties within the wedge.(Z&P
Discussion – Cooperative strategies between Neighborhood and Corporate
Property Owner Groups.
Questions and Comments – (60 min)
8:15 p.m. New Business


Lowry Hill East Potential Historic District – Timeline

Lowry Hill East Potential Historic District Minutes

LHENA Z&P Committee Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2014, 6:30pm, NIP, 2431 Hennepin Ave


  • Election of new Z&P Committee Chairperson
  • Meeting Guidelines – Michelle Chavez
  • 2320 Colfax Update
  • Development Presentation – Elan (Greystar) signage by Carol from Faegre law firm

Present: Sara Romanishan, Leslie Foreman, Sue Bode, Tim Dray (chair), Michael Freidman, Paul Ryan, Burt Coffin, Bill Neumann, Tina Erasmus (Executive Coordinator), Michelle Chavez (City NCR staff), Ezra Gray, Christina Langsorf, Don Gerberding and Nan Kalke

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Chairperson for Z&P was approved. Burt said he was not running again. Sara nominated Tim. He accepted. Sue seconded. Vote was unanimous. Tim took over effective immediately.

Carol Lansing, an attorney with Faegre representing Elan, went through their “sign book.” <Burt recused himself and left the room.> The monument signs exceed the height limit. They would like our support for their 3 signs – one key and two monument, and a wall sign along the Greenway. Some board members expressed their concerns about the excess height. Prior to the meeting, one member looked at the space & took measurements, which seemed to provide different numbers than what was represented in the drawings. There was a lot of discussion around the dislike of the height and look of the monument sign(s). Tim made a motion to clarify the height of the signs.  Leslie and Deanna agreed, and it was decided to table the Z&P vote until after we’ve confirmed the height. Carol agreed to come back to the LHENA board meeting the next week to bring Tim the correct/confirmed info.

Tina mentioned that she updated the web site to add a Z&P tab, and confirmed that the meetings will be at NIP all summer, unless otherwise noted.

Presentation of the meeting guidelines by Tina and Michelle Chavez from Neighborhood Community Relations (NCR). Tina brought in the Lyndale (?) neighborhood’s meeting guidelines. Z&P members would rather them be “norms of behavior;” a recommendation to provide & have, perhaps printed on the backside of our agendas. Discussion: how to address these norms at each meeting, which guidelines are appropriate for our meetings, pubic vs. committee only guidelines, need for a more inviting meeting space, etc. Tina brought back info from Robert Thompson & Michelle Chavez at NRC regarding Z&P membership, posting FAQ’s on the LHENA web site. Mention of how other neighborhoods work: voting strips handed out at the door when you sign in. Discussion of “up or down vote” vs. LHENA board writing an “advisory” letter to provide suggestions as a part of their feedback.

Tina facilitated the discussion of “conflict of interest” document for Z&P members to sign. Persons with a conflict of interest can take part in the discussion until a motion is made, and they cannot vote.

Tina – 2320 Colfax – will go to Committee on the Whole (COW) meeting tomorrow afternoon. Afterwards, LHENA would like them to present at Z&P. Michael made a motion that this committee (Z&P) recommends to the LHENA board to ask the developer to present at Z&P at their earliest convenience. Sue seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.

Michael brought in an example of a survey to have developers fill out to give us better direction regarding the development review process.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm