Board Minutes

Board of Directors
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Jefferson School Media Center

Present: Leslie Foreman, Tim Dray, Michael Friedman, Sara Romanishan, Frank Brown, Becky Dernbach, John Edwards, Beth Harrington, Katie Jones Schmidt, Bill Neumann, John Edwards. Staff: Tina Eraszmus, Joan Estenson
Excused absence: Jono Cowgill, Paul Ryan.
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by President Leslie Foreman.

The agenda was approved as amended.
Approval of the August meeting minutes was tabled pending addition of motion language.

Grievance Update Leslie Foreman
Leslie gave a summary of the grievance heard by the Grievance Committee and a report on the work of the committee. The committee felt that it would be necessary to obtain the IP address of the email that was sent. A motion was made to send a letter to Inspector Todd Loining, the City Attorney, Council Member Bender and David Rubedor in support of having a subpoena issued to the internet service provider to obtain the IP address. Following discussion Romanishan moved, and Friedman seconded, deleting Bender and Rubedor. Further discussion led to returning to the original motion, which passed by voice vote with one nay.

A grievant who was in attendance at the meeting waived confidentiality during the meeting to answer questions about the grievance.

Discussion on the Grievance Committee was paused to allow Ben Somogyi to give the update from Council Member Bender’s office.

City Council Update Ben Somogyi
Somogyi covered several topics pertaining to the work of the City Council. The matter of interest specifically to residents of Lowry Hill East is that the Lowry Hill East Historic District was approved by the Council on August 21st. The proposal was amended to including contributing properties in Prairie and Arts &Crafts styles.
Upon completion of Somogyi’s report discussion on the Grievance Committee resumed with Foreman announcing that the committee will meet again.

Code of Conduct Policy  Michael Friedman
Friedman proposed new language to paragraph 5 of the policy, regarding barriers to participation. Following discussion Friedman proposed language which reflected the discussion and Jones Schmidt seconded. Motion was approved.

Bylaw Changes  Leslie Foreman
Foreman introduced the need for a bylaw change to define a plan of action in case of a tie in elections of board members. Tina has researched what other neighborhood associations do and found options of a special election or coin flip. The change would be in Section 4.02 or in a new section. A proposal will be brought to the October board meeting. Other ideas for bylaw changes could be discussed at the January board meeting. Bylaw changes require a community vote preceded by a 21 day notice.

Coordinator Update  Tina Eraszmus
Wine Tasting Event on 10/28 – There will be an Eventbrite website for online ticket purchases which will allow buyers to choose to which neighborhood proceeds from the purchase will go. CARAG will cut a check to each neighborhood. Prella will serve small bites. Metro Transit will offer free bus/train passes. Calhoun Square will pay for liquor liability insurance. Paper tickets will be available for board members to sell in person. Tickets will also be available at the door.
Newsletter update
Nextdoor boundary discussion – Nextdoor is a neighborhood social media website which has boundaries so a user must live in the neighborhood to participate. The existing boundaries do not reflect real neighborhood boundaries. A motion was made and seconded for the board to write a letter to Nextdoor asking it to recognize existing neighborhood boundaries. The motion passed by voice voite.
Neighborhood signs – the neighborhood signs with the bicycle logo have been found and will be put up.

Treasurer Update Sara Romanishan
Uptown Community Engagement Update Beth Harrington and Frank Brown
Attendees should email their top three transportation and access issues to Harrington. These should be for projects which go beyond the Wedge neighborhood that the organizational members could get behind as an organization.

Committee Updates:
Zoning and Planning – Tim Dray – nothing to report – no update, no meeting.
NRP – Beth Harrington – The committee will host an event on November 4th to promote the new loan program. The board asked the committee to come up with a new name which better labels what the event is, such as LHENA’s Loan Launch Happy Hour.
Beth moved and Tim seconded that LHENA sponsor the November 4th event. The motion passed by voice vote.
Beth moved and Michael seconded that LHENA allot a maximum of $1,000 to advertise, promote and support the loan launch event. The motion passed by voice vote. Frank abstained.

Environmental – Bernadette Knaeble and Katie Jones Schmidt
Jones Schmidt explained the Lake Street Energy Challenge, sponsored by Xcel Energy and CEE to promote energy efficiency along the corridor. The Challenge will consist of events, helping neighborhood residents with energy conservation and house parties. Xcel provides refreshment money. Three organizations passed resolutions so far, others are in the process; eight organizations attended that day’s meeting. Sara moved that LHENA participate, Becky seconded. Motion was approved by voice vote.
Knaeble reported LHENA is closer to getting planting done in Mueller Park and approval by the Park Board. Another project the committee is working on is a prairie garden on the Midtown Greenway between Colfax and Dupont. For both projects the Park Board is concerned that LHENA will start it but eventually responsibility will fall to it.
Public Spaces – John Edwards – the committee is working on getting a Little Free Library and a Wi-Fi hotspot in Mueller Park. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month.
Social – Sara Romanishan
Plans are being made for a dining out fundraiser, the date is not yet set. A portion of all dinners on a designated night will be given to LHENA, not just those from diners identifying themselves as being from LHENA.
Sara moved and Beth seconded that LHENA support and promote the next dine-out fundraiser. Approved by voice vote.
Sara moved and Katie seconded that LHENA allot $90.00 from unrestricted funds for the Halloween in the Park event. Motion was approved by voice vote. If more unrestricted funds are donated before the event they will be allotted to purchasing food and drink for the event.
Sara moved and Bill seconded that LHENA allot a maximum of $1,000 to advertise, promote, and support the Halloween in the Park event. Approved by voice vote.
Crime & Safety — A local self-defense studio is offering single-session self-defense classes, funded through a private donation. The class will be offered on various dates and times.
Sara moved and Beth seconded that LHENA promote this free self-defense course to neighborhood residents and employees of neighborhood businesses. Approved by voice vote.
Foreman announced that Jefferson school will have a book fair November 16th through 19th and is seeking volunteers.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Board of Directors
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Spring Hill Ministry Center, 612 West 28th St.

Present: Leslie Foreman, Jono Cowgill, John Edwards, Sara Romanishan, Beth Harrington, Becky Dernbach, Frank Brown, Michael Friedman, Bill Neumann.
Excused absences: Paul Ryan, Tim Dray, Katie Jones Schmidt
Staff: Tina Eraszmus, Joan Estenson
Meeting was called to order at 6:34 p.m. The meeting agenda was approved as modified.
July meeting minutes were approved.

City Council Update Eraszmus
Update was provided by Councilmember Lisa Bender’s office.
Community Votes The two community votes were postponed until 6:55 p.m., the time listed on the agenda, in case any community members were planning to come in time to vote. Discussion was begun on the grievance policy, to be halted at 6:55 and resumed after the community votes. At 6:55 the two votes, the amendment to the Neighborhood Priority Plan and the Transfer of Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase I Funds for the Mueller Park Landscaping Project Plan Modification, were voted on. Both passed by voice vote.

Grievance Policy Friedman
Discussion was begun before and continued after the community votes. Friedman discussed the changes from the draft policy presented in June. Amendments to the revised draft policy were discussed and passed, and the amended draft policy passed, all on voice votes.

Code of Conduct Friedman
Friedman presented the draft code of conduct. The draft was approved as amended, with provision number 5 to be revisited at the September board meeting.
Grievance Policy Committee
Foreman asked that those board members willing to be on the Grievance Policy committee to contact Eraszmus. There are two grievances to be heard.

Coordinator’s Report Eraszmus
The wine tasting, sponsored by Hennepin Lake Liquors, will be held on October 28th at Calhoun Square. Admission will be $25 in advance and $35 at the door. Tickets sold by LHENA in person will earn the full profit. Tickets sold on the wine tasting website and at the door will be split among the four neighborhoods that meet at Lake and Hennepin (LHENA, CARAG, East Isles and ECCO. Incentives were discussed to encourage board members and committee members to sell tickets.

The newly formed Renters’ committee is planning a happy hour.
Hashtag Lunchbag, the event sponsored by Plot gallery to prepare and distribute lunches to the homeless will be on Saturday, September 19 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The board approved a contribution of up to $100 to cover supplies for the event. The board previously pledged board members would volunteer at the event.
Eraszmus will collect individual opinions from board members regarding the Blueprint for Equity. Board members felt the draft report prepared by community coordinators had some unfortunate language and several did not feel they could approve it in its entirety.

The Wedge Newspaper digitization Estenson
Following consultation with an intellectual property attorney Estenson introduced a letter to be sent to the Hennepin County Library which would correct action taken at the July meeting. Action was not taken on the proposed letter.

Treasurer’s Report Romanishan
Romanishan moved that LHENA zero out and declare as a loss all receivables more than nine months old (existing prior to 2015) except those with Hennepin County or the City of Minneapolis, and LHENA staff be directed to research the outstanding balances with Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis and follow-up with the appropriate departments to recover the funds owed. The goal is to close out these receivables before 2016. LHENA staff will report back to the Board by December 31st, 2015. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Uptown Community Engagement Brown and Harrington
A motion was passed to make a $350 contribution to cover startup costs of the organization and LHENA’s continued involvement.

Committee Updates:
NRP Harrington
Harrington moved to extend the contract with CEE to handle our neighborhood loan program for one more year. Motion was approved by voice vote. Harrington also moved that LHENA assign staff to work on a newsletter to be sent via regular mail to the neighborhood no later than September 17th, 2015, and that LHENA approve the funding necessary to send the newsletter to every household and business in the neighborhood. Following discussion motion was approved by voice vote. There was one abstention on this vote.

Environment John Bode
The committee is seeking Park Board approval for the work to be done in Mueller Park. Other environment committee projects are in the works.

Open Spaces Cowgill
Committee held its first meeting under new chair Cowgill. They are brainstorming projects.
The meeting was adjourned.

Following the meeting a private board discussion was held regarding staff contracts.


Board of Directors Meeting minutes
Wednesday, July 15, 2015
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
VFW Post 246, 2916 Lyndale Avenue South

Present: Jono Cowgill, John Edwards, Sara Romanishan, Beth Harrington, Becky Dernbach, Tim Dray, Frank Brown, Michael Friedman, Katie Jones Schmidt, Bill Neumann.
Excused absence: Paul Ryan, Leslie Foreman
Staff: Tina Eraszmus, Joan Estenson

Meeting was called to order at 6:32 p.m. The meeting agenda was approved.

City Council Update
Ben Somogyi from Council Member Lisa Bender’s office gave an update on several matter the Council is working on. Of particular interest to Lowry Hill East residents, the Lowry Hill East Historic District will be presented at the City’s August 13th Zoning and Planning Committee meeting and at the August 21st City Council meeting. Design guidelines will come after the designation is made.

Community Report
The owners of Plot, an art gallery at 1016 W. 27th Street, described the harassment they have had since the gallery opened in February, which includes a hate letter placed in their mail box, shouted obscenities and police reports of loud parties when no party was occurring. The gallery has a diverse audience and a diverse crew. A motion was made and passed by voice vote that the LHENA Board endorse Plot’s occasional event known as Hashtag Lunchbag and that all members who are able will participate. The date of the next event has not been set.

Coordinator’s Update Estenson/ Eraszmus
Estenson reminded everyone of dates and locations for meetings for the rest of July and August. Estenson requested that she get a copy in writing of any motions made at a board meeting.

There are some times for City funding and other business that the precise language be included in minutes. For that reason, Romanishan offered a new version of the motion passed at the June meeting for the Mueller Park project as follows:

LHENA approves Phase I and the consultant report from Phase II of the Mueller Park landscaping project utilizing the existing $ 5,000.00 balance in the current Mueller Park contract and pending the approval of the Park Board. LHENA approves the remaining portion of Phase II and all of Phase III pending the approval of the Park Board for each phase, the results of the park survey and consultant’s report, and the approval by community vote of the additional $ 35,845.94 transfer from NRP Phase I uncontracted funds to the Mueller Park Landscaping Project contract.

These motions passed by voice vote.

Eraszmus discussed the Annual Report to City and the Blueprint for Equity.

Eraszmus, Brown and Harrington discussed the nascent Greater Uptown Community Partnership.

A motion was made and passed by voice vote that LHENA authorize a Board Liaison with this partnership, and that this liaison have all voting rights which are not of a financial nature, that is, the liaison could not commit funds without coming back to the LHENA board for approval.

Secretary’s Report Michael Friedman
Friedman introduced a motion regarding the Hennepin County Library’s proposal to digitize The Wedge newspaper. Estenson proposed that action be postponed pending consultation with a copyright attorney. After discussion Friedman’s motion was passed by voice vote. Friedman proposed that the Board rescind the permission given to John Edwards to digitize The Wedge and take no other action on the matter. This was passed by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report Sara Romanishan
The annual reports required by the Attorney General regarding fundraising have been submitted for 2013 and 2014.
Romanishan went over the proposed 2015 budget.
Romanishan made the following motions, each of which was passed by voice vote. All motions begin “LHENA will”

Neighborhood Priority Plan (NPP) Amend the NPP for environment to add the additional initiatives which were identified as priorities through community surveys: 1) Upgrade neighborhood parks, boulevards, and public spaces through environmental improvements.

2) Increase park services and upgrade park equipment and facilities.

3) Form partnerships with entities such as the Midtown Greenway Coalition, apartment complexes, city departments, and other associations to improve environmental sustainability. This may include many different sustainability programs but one example would be Bee Friendly Gardens and Prairie Restoration.

4) Develop water quality improvement initiatives.

5) Promote energy efficiency programs.

6) Conduct neighborhood cleanup programs.

Post a 21-day notice for a community vote on this amendment to be held at the August board meeting on August 19, 2015.

Transferring Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase I Funds for the Mueller Park Landscaping Project Plan Modification
Transfer the following NRP Phase I uncontracted funds to the new NRP Phase I Mueller Park Landscaping Project Contract:

$ 1,679.54 Jefferson Computer Center
$ 4,190.55 Jefferson Interior Improvements
$21,653.33 Below Market Improvement Loans from GHMC
$ 2,200.00 Architecture Contest
$ 6,122.52 Housing Repairs for Disabled/Elderly
$ 35,845.94 Total

This amount is in addition to the current Mueller Park balance of $ 5000.00 making the total contract $ 40,845.94

Post a 21 day notice for a community vote on this transfer to be held at the August Board meeting on August 19th, 2015.

Budget $ 5,000.00 from the NRP Phase I Mueller Park contract to allow the Environment Committee to be reimbursed for purchases of plants and supplies for Phase I of the 2015 Mueller Park contract.

Approve the 2015 budget to allow for the 2013 rollover and future drawdown reimbursement funds from NCR.

Annual Report
Approve the prepared 2014
Annual Report and submit it to NCR.

Committee Updates:
Social Sara Romanishan
Plans are underway for the 32nd Annual Minneapolis National Night Out on August 4th and the Caffetto Arts Fair on August 9th.

Zoning and Planning Tim Dray
The Girard Ave. development, which had changed significantly from the time it was presented to LHENA in February, including requests for four variances, was discussed at the July Z&P meeting. The developers have not returned to give LHENA an opportunity to review it and approve the revised plan. The Board approved by voice vote to send letters to Mei-Ling Smith, the City Clerk’s office, and the planning commission.

ESG Architects, who are working on the plans for a mixed use building on the Cheapo Records site, will attend the August Z&P meeting to present the changes incorporated into the plans since they presented at the June meeting.
Crime and Safety Steven Daffinrud
Status of bike cop buyback — With the summer nearly over LHENA will not go forward with the program for 2015. Steven is looking for business owners to collaborate with, and looking into finding or starting a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

NRP Beth Harrington
The long-awaited new loan programs are close to final approval. The committee is discussing marketing plans.
Eraszmus and Dernbach will work with other tenants in the neighborhood on possible ways which NRP funds could benefit renters.
Harrington proposed LHENA set up a YouTube channel to promote loans and grants and other items for video promotion. This was approved by voice vote.

Environment Bernadette Knaeble
Work has started at Mueller Park. The former committee chair has the surveys and has not returned them in spite of repeated requests. Eraszmus will send him an email to get them returned.
The July 15, 2015 meeting was adjourned.


Minutes: LHENA Board Meeting June 17, 2015
VFW Post 246, 2916 Lyndale Avenue S.
6:30-9:00 p.m.

Present: Leslie Foreman (President), Tim Dray (Vice President), Frank Brown, Becky Dernbach, John Edwards, Michael Friedman, Beth Harrington, Bill Newmann, Paul Ryan, Katie Schmitt Jones, and Sara Romanishan.
Absent: Jono Cowgill.
Also present: Tina Erazmus and Joan Estenson, staff.

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.
The agenda for the meeting was approved.

The meeting minutes for two meetings held on April 1, 2015, were approved: the NRP Steering committee and the LHENA Board special meeting.

City Council report
Ben Somogyi from Councilmember Lisa Bender’s office provided a City Council update.

President’s report – Leslie Foreman
LHENA’s 2014 federal and state tax returns have been completed. The returns were approved for filing with the IRS and state.

The matter of the digitization of The Wedge newspaper was discussed and will be held over to the July meeting pending legal clarification on copyright.

Coordinators’ report – Joan Estenson and Tina Erazmus
The first board training will be held on Wednesday, June 24th. The environmental committee, which usually meets the fourth Wednesday, will meeting from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. and the training will follow at 6:30 p.m., both at the LHENA office.

July Z&P and board meetings will be at the VFW. August Z&P and board meetings will be at the Springhouse Ministry Center, 610 W. 28th Street (28th & Garfield).

Tina presented the question of review of the draft Guidelines for Review of NRP Funds. The City wants comments by Friday, June 26th. Tina will draft the response based on the discussion she has had with other neighborhood coordinators.

Tina also discussed the draft Blueprint for Equitable Engagement. Comments are due to the City by July 3rd, Tina will request an extension to October 1, 2015.

Tina, with Frank and Beth, discussed the Greater Uptown Community Partnership. The first meeting on May 28th included representatives from local business and neighborhood associations. Notes from the May meeting were reviewed. The second meeting will be June 24th; Sara Romanishan and Tina will attend from LHENA. The third meeting will be July 29th.

Secretary’s report
Michael Friedman reviewed the grievance policy he drafted. It was agreed the policy would be a work-in-progress. The draft was amended to include the introductory paragraph from the policy established in 2001 with the seven numbered items on the new draft. The board approved this as a working draft policy.

Environmental Committee
The Environmental committee presented their Mueller Park landscaping project, which will support the many users of the park by improving the aesthetics. Phase I, plus the architecture portion of Phase II, were approved. The remainder of Phase II and all of Phase III were approved with the contingency that they would be reviewed again as more information is known.

The committee will need a new chair. Current chair Scott Hargarten will be moving out of Lowry Hill East.

Crime & Safety Committee
Guests during the remainder of the meeting included Chelsea Adams, Lt. Edwards and Inspector Todd Loining of the fifth precinct of the Minneapolis police department.

Discussion was held on the proposed off-duty police bike patrol four evenings a week. Crime and Safety committee chair Steven Daffinrud reported some local businesses will contribute to the cost of the test period of the proposed bike patrols. He will be reaching out to additional businesses to obtain further financial commitment. Due to time constraints no decision was made and discussion will continue at the July board meeting.

June 17, 2015 meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


LHENA Board Meeting May 20, 2015
Jefferson Community School

Special meeting of members was called to order at 6:05.

Present: Leslie Foreman (President), Tim Dray (Vice President), Frank Brown, Jono Cowgill, Becky Dernbach, Michael Friedman, Beth Harrington, Bill Newmann, Paul Ryan, Katie Schmitt Jones; staff: Tina Erazmus and Joan Estenson; Michelle Chavez, NCR Neighborhood Specalist; Ellen McVeigh, NCR neighborhood attorney; and a League of Women Voters representative.

The special meeting was held to determine how to handle the tie between two candidates in the election held at the annual meeting. LHENA bylaws had no provision for how to handle a tie. The board suggestion was to change the bylaws to increase the number of directors and accept both candidates as board members. Discussion centered on whether the number of board members would be a permanent or temporary increase.

The following motion was made to add the following language at the end of Section 4.01: provided, however, that the number of directors will be twelve between May 2015 and the annual meeting of 2017, or until a member resigns. Following the annual meeting in 2017, or the resignation of a member, the number of directors will be eleven.

The motion was unanimously approved, and board members Sara Romanishan and John Edwards were seated.

The regular monthly board meeting was convened.
Leslie introduced new staff member Joan Estenson.

New board members: Frank Brown, John Edwards, Michael Friedman, Beth Harrington, Katie Schmitt Jones and returning board members Paul Ryan and Sara Romanishian were welcomed.

Leslie is very excited about the coming year and hopes to focus on projects. In 2014, the focus was on getting LHENA’s organizational infrastructure in shape. In 2015, we need to focus on doing projects to improve our neighborhood.

Two evening training sessions for board members will be help soon. Michelle Chavez of Minneapolis NCR provided a brief overview of fiduciary duty.

The following board officers were elected: Leslie Foreman, President, Tim Dray, Vice President, Sara Romanishan, Treasurer, and Michael Friedman, Secretary. Candidates were unopposed.

Prior meeting minutes will be approved electronically.

President’s report:

  • Imagine 29th Street will be held on Sunday, June 7, 2015, in conjunction with Open Streets Lyndale. The Board agreed to be a co-sponsor of the event and will have a LHENA table, hopefully at the corner of 29th and Lyndale to connect with the attendees of both events. Sara Romanishan discussed the Social Committee’s plans for the table, which will be from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with an additional time for set-up and take-down. Volunteers will be needed to staff the booth.
  • Special Collections at Minneapolis Central library has been digitizing neighborhood newspapers and would like to digitize The Wedge. LEHNA owns the copyright on the newspaper until 2010. Special Collections needs a letter from the board giving permission to make the digitized issues available on the internet, otherwise they would only be available to read at the library.

It was pointed out that new board member John Edwards maintains a blog that includes 43 years of issues of The Wedge.

The board felt a legal opinion was necessary before feeling comfortable giving the library permission and whether John Edwards could keep his website up.

A motion was made to give John Edwards permission to keep The Wedge newspaper issues up on his website pending consultation with the lawyer, and if there are no legal concerns give him permission to keep The Wedge newspaper issues up indefinitely; and also if there are no legal concerns to give the library permission to make The Wedge available online.

Frank moved the motion be split. The motion concerning John Edwards’ keeping The Wedge newspaper issues up on his website was approved 6-4.

The motion concerning the library was approved 12-0.

The motion to give John Edwards permission to keep The Wedge newspaper issues up indefinitely was tabled pending information from the attorney.

  • The board approved plans for a bike corral jointly paid for by LHENA, CARAG and LNA. The City of Minneapolis will pay half; the other half will be split three ways or $227 each. The corral will be sited at Lyn Lake Brewing, who as host business has agreed to pay the annual fee of $112. The board approved up to $200 for additional design work.
  • The board will tentatively meet at the VFW in June and July. Joan will connect with the VFW to confirm this or seek another site. A suggestion was made to hold all three summer meetings in the same location if possible. Leslie for the 2016 board and zoning and planning committee summer meetings we will book the Intermedia Arts auditorium but it was already booked for this year. Smaller committee meetings can be held in conference room at the LHENA office.

Social Committee:

  • Chair Sara Romanishan moved to buy two canopies and two sets of canopy weights for a total cost of $462.00. These canopies include a wall panel. Motion carried.The board approved a maximum budget for the upcoming Wedge Weekend of $2,200.00.

Frank recused himself from this vote and any future votes which involve printing since he owns Minuteman Press on Hennepin. He is willing to offer background information when such votes come up.

LHENA will participate in the Uptown Art Fair’s paint can project to raise funds for charity. LHENA will collaborate with Intermedia Arts to decorate the can.
Since it is uncertain if this was done, Leslie will send official thank you letters to the businesses that donated food to the annual meeting.

Report from Councilwoman Lisa Bender:

  • Open Streets will be held on Sunday, June 7th, extending from 22nd Street to 42nd street, an extension of eight blocks over last year’s event.
  • A September community meeting for the shared street (should this be capitalized?) on 29th Street. Construction from Lyndale to Bryant will be done in 2016. The City Council will pursue funding to complete the street.
  • The LHENA historic district is proceeding.
  • There will be a public meeting on Thursday, May 21 regarding residential parking reform.
  • Work continues regarding the construction of a soccer stadium for the new professional team.
  • Crime and Safety Committee
    Chair Steven Daffinrud introduced Sgt. Johnson, one of three middle watch shift supervisors. The Crime and Safety Committee recommends an eight-week trial of four 4-hour shifts per week to keep an eye on the neighborhood. These would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday from about 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. with one additional random floating shift. These would be bike patrols, weather permitting. Total cost for the trial would be $9,600 for three shifts. or $11,200 for four shifts per week. Action on the proposal was tabled pending receipt of statistics on year over year crime.

Zoning and Planning Committee
Leaning Tower Pizza — The committee approved a proposal from the Leaning Tower of Pizza to expand behind the current building, with the condition that noise, light and smoke issues will be handled if problems arise. The proposal includes construction of a building facing 24th Street which would hold three garages, two of which will be for serving food and beverages and the third would hold dumpsters. There would be also be a patio. The board approved the committee’s resolution.

Calhoun Square — requested a letter of support for moving the entrance from the corner of Lake and Hennepin further east. The entrance has already been moved.
2818 Hennepin, Cowboy Jack’s. Zoning and Planning took issue with the tear down of a four-story building and construction of a one-story building, which doesn’t reflect the business plan for LHENA. Chair

Tim Dray moved to send four letters to the Councilwoman Lisa Bender and the City Planner, as follows:

  • expressing disappointment that LHENA was not consulted and taking issue with the handling of the tear down and construction and the lack of consultation with LHENA.
  • in support of Cowboy Jacks
  • in support of the Leaning Tower of Pizza
  • to the Council and the property owner taking issue with the handling of the tear down and construction and the lack of consultation with LHENA and inviting him to meet with the board earlier in the process in the event of further proposed changes.

The board approved sending all of these letters.

A letter should also be sent expressing the lack of containment of asbestos and lead in the three recent teardowns, and asking that future teardowns be handled better.

Jono Cowgill volunteered to serve as chair of the Public Spaces committee, covering bike trails, bus stops, parks and other public spaces. The board approved his appointment as chair.
New business:
It was requested the website list which board member chairs or serves on which committee. Leslie said that could be done.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:39 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Joan Estenson


Meeting Minutes Lowry Hill East NRP Steering Committee
Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Meeting Minutes Lowry Hill East Board of Directors – Special Meeting
Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Meetings held at Jefferson Community School.
Submitted by Sara Romanishan

Standing NRP Committee Present: Beth Harrington (NRP Chair), and Sara Romanishan (Secretary / Treasurer NRP), John Bode.

Committee Members for the Night: Scott Hargarten, John Edwards, Chandra Lalla, Morgan Bird

Board Members Present: Leslie Foreman (President), Burt Coffin, Shae Hanson, Becky Dernbach, Sue Bode, Bill Neumann, Tim Dray (VP& Treasurer), Sara Romanishan

Guest:  Nate Phelps / CEE (Center for Energy & Environment)

NRP Call to Order: 7:04 pm
Approval of Combined Agenda and NRP Minutes: Passed
No Action Items or Motions

Next NRP meeting:
Wednesday, 06 May 2015, 7pm-9pm
Jefferson Community School, Media Center, 2nd Floor

NRP Adjournment at 7:07 pm

Special Board of Directors Meeting Call to Order: 7:07 pm

Co-chaired by Leslie Foreman (President) and Beth Harrington (NRP Chair)
Coordinator’s and President’s Update: Leslie
Sample website is available to be viewed

Traffic Study
Prospective consultants would like to know more about our goals for the study

Approximately $400/450 per newsletter
Call for anyone interested in writing content
Questions to address:
Electronic and/or mail and/or flyer
How frequently; quarterly or bimonthly

Jefferson School
Elizabeth Hale is the family liaison
School fundraiser – 3 ways to support Jefferson

  • A partnership with Tangletown Gardens and Wise Acre Eatery. Purchase “Bucks” to spend at either business.
  • Purchase shares in a local CSA
  • Donate towards a CSA share to be given to a school family – Deadline is April 30

Job posting
10 hours per week
Neighbor complaint from previous agenda has been addressed by the developer

NRP Loan/Grant Discussion:
Main purpose of the special meeting due to lack of time at the March Board meeting

Recap of program: Beth (NRP Chair)
Floor given to Nate Phelps (CEE)
Current language status provided by Nate Phelps, suggestions by CEE in red

Annual Meeting Discussion:

Action Items:

1          Nate Phelps will email changes

Motions: (the codes are boxes on the loan program Guidelines Proposal 4/1/15)

1          Approve H-10
Motion Carried

2          Approve G-11
Motion Carried

3          Approve G-15
Motion Carried

4          Approve H-13
Motion Carried

5          Approve H-16
Motion Carried

6          B/C-24/25
Take out alarms and move security to the bottom
Motion Carried

7          B/C-24/25
Refer list to Crime and Safety Committee to amend security
Motion Carried

8          I-16
Add “or appraisal if less than 6 months old”
Motion Carried

9          Approve J-5
Motion Carried

10        Approve D/E/F-10
Motion Carried

11        F-5
Change the name of Exterior Matching Deferred to Maintenance Deferred
Motion Carried

12        F-18
Remove “no maximum income limit”
Motion Carriedd

13        J-24/25
Define “Emergency Situations” as conditions that leave the home uninhabitable
Motion Carried

14        J-28
Approve renamed language
Motion Carried

15        J-9
Change to $500
Motion Carried

16        J-12
Include condos and townhomes
Motion Carried

17        J-16
Make non-applicable
Motion Carried

18        J-18
Make non-applicable and correct J-14. Also, the applicant must not qualify for any other neighborhood or CEE programs.
Motion Carried

19        Motion to take Nate Phelp’s and CEE’s recommendations for the remaining changes.
Motion Carried

20        Motion to transfer $1100.00 from general account to unrestricted account.
Motion Carried

21        Motion to approve $3500.00 for budget for the annual meeting postcard notice.
Motion Carried

22        Motion to approve $25.00 x2 = $50.00 for 2 babysitters for the annual meeting and to pay them for the whole night whether there are children or not.
Motion Carried

23        Motion to approve $300.00 for the food and beverage budget for the annual meeting.
Motion Carried

24        Motion to approve $600.00 for annual meeting supplies.
Motion Carried





Board Adjournment at 9:08 pm.


Respectfully submitted,
Sara Romanishan
Secretary/Treasurer NRP





Minutes: LHENA Board Meeting March 18th, 2015
Jefferson Community School 6:30-8:30
Meeting called to order at 6:30

Present: Becky Dernbach, Tim Dray, Leslie Foreman, Bill Neumann, Saralyn Romanishan, Paul Ryan, Kyle Kilbourn, Shae Hanson, Sue Bode, Burt Coffin and Tina Erazmus (staff).

March meeting agenda approved.
February meeting minutes were approved via electronic vote.

Council Member Bender Update, delivered by Ben Somogyi
Street sweeping will begin

Annual Meeting

  • Voting procedures for the Annual Meeting will require proof of residence as required for voter registration.
  • Postcards will be going out soon.

Committee Updates:

  • Crime and Safety
  • Environmental – Discussion of Community Solar Garden. Scott made a motion, motion was seconded and passed unanimously by the Board to create a budget line item for Professional Services. This will help gather legal information regarding moving forward with the Solar Garden. The will be a community vote held at the Annual Meeting for the Discussion and exploration of creating a neighborhood Solar Garden. A 21 day notice will go on the website.
  • Housing and Development Task Force – There was discussion regarding the HDTF survey. A copy of the survey will be printed and handed out to residents at the Annual Meeting.
  • NRP – Home Loan update. Discussion of adding parameters for renters to take advantage of the Loan Program. Due to the complicated nature of this, this topic was tabled.
  • Public Spaces – Update on the neighborhood boundary signs.
  • Zooning and Planning – No update as the March meeting was canceled due to lack of agenda items.

Treasurer’s Report
President’s Report

  • We need to update our Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • We will get to work on creating a Grievance Policy as our current policy is out of date.

Meeting was adjourned and meeting was closed for staff performance review.

Minutes LHENA Board Meeting February 18, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:30

Present: Becky Dernbach, Tim Dray, Leslie Foreman, Bill Neumann, Michael Roden, Saralyn Romanishan, Paul Ryan, Kyle Kilbourn, Shae Hanson, Tina Erazmus (staff). Excused absence: Burt Coffin and Sue Bode

February meeting agenda approved.

Council Member Bender Update, delivered by Ben Somogyi

  1. Bryant to Lyndale blocks to be reconstructed in 2016. It has been approved.
  2. Compost Service: $4 per month added to solid waste bill beginning in 2015 for compost service if you opt in. This cost can be offset by reducing solid waste and requesting a smaller waste bin.
  3. Working on decoupling homeless shelters from religious institutions.
  4. Looking at reducing parking requirements for multi-family developments near transportation hubs.

Announcements – None

Accounting Report by Megan Turnow, delivered by Tina Erazmus
Tina’s pay was processed in February. Tina to check on the 4 receivables as discussed in the January meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
Tim Dray bought a computer for LHENA use for $330.

Microphone/video/projector/tripod would cost approx. $1300. Further research needed.

President’s Report

  1. Tina has been with us almost a year. Her contract runs from April 2014 to April 2015. It is time for a review. Staff discussions are private, so all concerns or questions should be sent to Leslie within 2.5 weeks. She will discuss them with the executive committee and make recommendations by March. There are only 2 executive committee members. 2 more board members need to volunteer to join the committee for the discussion.
  2. LHENA has an extensive job description – beyond part time work, which is all Tina is hired for.
  3. Michael Wilson – NCR Accountant. LHENA is in rotation for a financial process audit this year. He is ready to begin the audit. This will require a few extra hours from Tina.

Kyle moves to increase Tina’s hours to up to 25 hours per week for the next month. Since she is a contractor, there are no requirements for a benefits package. Shae seconds, motion carries unanimously.

  1. East Isles Residence Association – the Thomas Lowry monument given a historical designation. Contact Monica Smith at with questions.

Committee Updates

Environmental Committee – Scott

  1. Joe has been delivering flyers regarding salt usage.
  2. Items being discussed:
  • Spring clean up.
  • Solar community garden
  • Hiring a person with solar expertise to help us make an informed decision on whether to pursue this.
  • Anyone out there to offer leverage (cash)
  1. It would require a 21-day notice to community before the board votes on approving a budget up to $10k to hire professional consulting services. The LHENA Board would need to vote on adding 2 lines items to the budget priority – one for professional services, one for solar garden budget and would need to also vote to explore solar gardens.

Sara moves to provide community notice to add 2 lines to the budget priority budget and to vote on exploring a solar garden. Bill seconds. Motion approved.

Things to find out regarding a solar garden:

Can we even do this legally as a non-profit? Could we set up a separate LLC to pursue this?

Housing and Development Task Force – Bill Neumann

Putting questionnaire together for annual meeting. Will bring to March meeting to vote on it.

NRP – John Bode

Deferred exterior matching loans – can’t write loan program as it is right now – needs to be broken down into 2 different programs – one for people above income limit and one for people below income limit. Should put something together for low-income families. Tina said we already have something in there addressing low-income. John thinks that we can do something better for low-income families, but unless others get involved, he won’t be initiating any changes for low-income. Can look at an Emergency loan, possibly with a deferred program set up. Most neighborhoods cap emergency loans at $8k. CEE is not in support of this kind of program but perhaps we can call it a grant.

March 6th meeting 7-9pm to discuss and a decision will be made at March meeting

Public Spaces – Kyle Kilbourn

Received digital proof last Friday and approved it. Should be in the making!

Would like to step down from Public Spaces chair. We should create a FB post looking for more volunteers and a new chair.

Social Committee – Saralyn Romanishan

Annual meeting planning is in the works

Z&P – Tim Dray

1. Thoughts on possible Girard Development between 2809-2811:

Four  parcels on Girard between 2809-2811 being looked at by a developer. Design proposed by an architect. It falls within the look and style in our plan. Would need to tear down 3 houses.

It would cost $20-40k to move a house, another $10-15 to hook up plumbing.

Can the developer contribute to the cost of moving the house to a vacant lot instead of the cost to move it to a landfill?

Explore house relocation. How can we support affordable housing?

Great plan that fits our small area plan.

Saralyn moves to follow Z&P recommendation to send a letter of support of the project. Bill seconds. Motion amended to add that the project is a model for development, has appropriate scale, appreciates following of small area plan, requests plan be modified to include a separate garbage and recycling chute, and that dissenting votes at the Z&P meeting were not against development just environmental concerns and loss of affordable housing. Would like to see dollars used to dispose of houses to instead be used towards relocating houses. Saralyn moves to amend original motion to add above list. Tim seconds. Motion approved.

  1. 2743 Dupont Discussion:

Postponed to March meeting but saw plans. Doesn’t appear that they are asking for any variances at this time. It will be about 50+ feet tall x 22 feet. John Bode would like a shadow study on his home so that his solar panels are not affected. That may not be possible since they are not asking for any variances. There may be a clause in the ordinances about how development can or cannot affect properties with solar panels. New design is 4 units. Zoned R6.

Old Business

Conflict of interest work group – meeting next Monday at new LHENA office – Michelle, Tim, Leslie, Gary to come up with recommendations for tweaking the language since the city has asked us to update it.

Historic designation district – Saralyn moves to send a letter of support of the historic designation district in LHE, Kyle seconds, motion approved.

Traffic Study – Two groups interested in doing traffic study – both recommended because they do a lot of work in the city.

Community Design Group – Colin Harris – has done work with Open Streets, TC Streets for People – bike and pedestrian focus

Tool Design Group – Sierra – has done work with Complete Street, Multi Model, Transit Access, Trails and Greenways, chair on bike advisory committee – bike and pedestrian focus

Did not ask about their experience in doing traffic studies.

Need to know their background and experience in traffic studies.

We have the buy in from Public Works

Send Tina problem areas and create a proposal of what we are looking for. Meet with both for bids.

Bus stop project – Ladders of Opportunity federal grant was issued to Metro Transit. MT looking at bus stops in metro area for improvement. Meeting in March to determine which bus stops will be given the grants for improvement.

Website- needs focus of committees and what each committee is currently working on. Adding a committee tab – people can look at meeting dates, focus of committee and what is going on within each. By next month the goal is to have a working model so we can be live by annual meeting

Phone – New Google Voice # is 612-367-6468. Shae moves to cancel the landline, Sara seconds, approved unanimously.

Composting – may lose Whittier as a drop off site. Proposing Mueller Park to be a composting drop off site considering all the rentals in the area. There are tons of grants from the Zero Waste Initiative. Looking at adding compost bins to parks where there is garbage and recycling. The grants are to help collect organics and recycling at apartments. We need to see if any apartments would be willing to be a drop off site. Apt would be paid to cover the cost of the bin and the marketing of the composting program to its residents. Kelly Kish is contact.

New Business – None

Meeting adjourned 8:25pm.


Minutes: LHENA Board Meeting January 21, 2015
Jefferson Community School 6:30-8:30

Meeting called to order at 6:30
Present: Sue Bode, Burt Coffin, Becky Dernbach, Tim Dray, Leslie Foreman, Bill Neumann, Michael Roden, Sara Romanishan, Paul Ryan, Shae Walker and Tina Erazmus (staff). Excused absence: Kyle Kilbourn
January meeting agenda approved with the correction of Megan’s name : Tarnow
Accountant’s Report by Megan Tarnow: Megan passed out accounting documents – Income Statement and Balance Sheet. LHENA has some receivables that need to be collected from The Wedge Newspaper. Tina Erazmus will work with Megan to attempt to collect these receivables. Tina will also look into a Google Voice phone number to remove the fee from CenturyLink for phone service. Megan feels LHENA has done a great job getting organized and back on track. She will send updates every month.
Joe Knable from Environmental Committee: Joe made a request for funds to pay for a flyer alerting residents and business owners to use less salt on the sidewalks. He made the point that all the salt in the neighborhood will run into Lake Calhoun and the Watershed district. Tina will add the Wedge logo and make the copies and get them to Joe for the committee to distribute.
President’s Report:
• A suggestion was made by Leslie to begin to rotate the position of Secretary. After Board discussion it was decided that LHENA will wait until after the April Annual Meeting to find a Board member to take on the position. Tina agreed that she will take minutes for the Board until then.
• Our six-month lease has been signed at Intermedia Arts. They will be moving to offer only twelve month leases to tenants. Therefore, in June we will sign a year -long lease.
• Intermedia Arts has also changed the security deposit requirements. Prior it was $150.00. The deposit amount will be changed to the amount equal to one month of rent. LHENA will need to pay an additional $100.00 for our security deposit.
• 2015 LHENA financial procedure audit. LHENA has been chosen, with other neighborhoods throughout the city, to be audited on financial procedures. In addition, this year LHENA will begin to create a manual for the organization documenting organizational procedures as a follow up to last year’s procedures audit.
• LHENA will be participating in the 2015 Uptown Association Expo. This event is a great opportunity to present LHENA to the community as the event gathers together local restaurants, community members, business owners and city officials. Tina, Sara and Bill will be manning a table for LHENA.
• LHENA will set up an ad hoc committee to look into purchasing equipment: a laptop, microphone and video camera. A motion was made by Burt and seconded by Paul to authorize $2500 to be spent on equipment. Michael, Tim and Sara will make up the ad hoc group.
Treasurer: Paul resigned as Treasurer. There was discussion to keep Leslie and Tina on as Treasurer until the April Annual Meeting. There was a motion made by Sara and seconded by Paul that Tim Dray will be the LHENA Treasurer for the next two months. Motion passed unanimously.
City Council update presented by CM Lisa Bender:
• This year the focus will be on the expansion of bikeways, reopening Nicollet and a Complete Streets Policy.
• Create a transportation group with Public Works to focus on better communication.
• The LHENA Historic District will be recommended in February.
• The Youth Council will focus on prohibiting candy flavored ecigs in 2015.
Committee Updates:
Environmental: In addition to the “Low Salt Diet” for sidewalks campaign, the environmental committee is working on gathering more information for a Solar Co-Op/ Garden. This idea has been implemented across the country. It can offer a 7 yr. payback, investors can sell shares, it can be a complicated process, Scott will be looking for a legal solar expert. Tina is looking into the possibility that a 501C can participate. The committee is also working on a Rain Run Off Garden and a native plant manual. This committee meets the first Tuesday of the month if you are interested in this topic.
Housing and Development Task Force: The Task Force has been gathering information about the vision of the neighborhood. Examples include: parking lots that can change, commercial corridor be mixed use, emphasis on doors and windows, better move in/move out access, more bike racks.
NRP: LHENA needs to amend the language of the CEE contract to include the commercial loan. This was presented as the motion by Sara and seconded by Burt. Motion passed.
• Amend the language of the CEE contract to include the commercial loan and to present this to the LHENA board as a motion.
Motion to the Board: Add language to NRP Phase II Strategy 3.1.1 Home Improvement Loans:
To maintain and improve neighborhood housing stock, LHENA will continue a revolving, below-market-interest loan program for residential and commercial property improvements. Eligible applicants and improvements will be determined annually. Income limits will be open and need-based. Eligible expenses will include exterior improvements (and common interior spaces for rental units), and could be expanded to include interior renovation. Interest repaid on loans will go toward administration costs and repaid loans will be recycled for future use. LHENA-NRP Steering Committee will select a professional outside agency to administer program. Minimum loan amount of $2,500 and maximum of $30,000. Property owners are eligible for more than one loan per property as long as the previous LHENA loan on that property has been completely paid off. Program income generated through the residential loan program may also be used for a commercial property improvement program.
• Proposed by Beth, seconded by John. Motion Passed. (Changes are in red).

The NRP committee is working on advertising for new loan program. A motion was made by Sara that LHENA adds a strategy for the Utility Box Wrapping program. The motion was seconded by Paul. The motion passed.
A motion was made by Sara that the Scope and Budget example document for any proposed neighborhood projects be available online as well as all proposed projects be turned in prior to the April Annual Meeting so all ideas can be voted on at the April meeting. This motion was seconded by Sue. The motion passes.
Social: The social committee is hoping to have a Dine Out for LHENA location soon. They are looking for more ideas for fundraisers. The suggestion was made to offer childcare at the Annual Meeting.
Zoning and Planning Committee: The Z and P committee is working on the Conflict of Interest and Grievance Policy. Michelle at NCR will help throughout the process. There will be an updated policy to present at the March meeting. Sara made a motion to establish a Conflict of Interest and Grievance Policy workgroup to review and update the current policies. Sue seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Coordinator Update: Tina is working with the CM and Public Works as well as two companies to develop a traffic study for the neighborhood. She is still working on the information to apply for a Bus Stop Improvement Grant. The website is up on a private site. We are looking to add content. All committee chairs need to send a description of the committee and what they are currently working on to send to the web designer. The Jefferson Community school service project is going well. They are now looking for any clothing a child can change into if needed. This is due to the warm weather and the children coming in damp or wet from the playground. All donations are appreciated!
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Respectively submitted by Kristina Erazmus 2/3/2015

Minutes: LHENA Board Meeting November 19th, 2014

Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association Board meeting
November 19, 2014
6:30-8:30 pm
Jefferson Community School
Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm
Present: Leslie Foreman, Tim Dray, Paul Ryan, Sara Romananishan, Kyle Kilbourn, Bill Neumann, Michael Roden, Becky Dernbach, Michelle Chavez from NCR, Sue Bode,Kristina Erazmus – staff, Nate Phelps from CEE
Call to order: 6:30
November Agenda Approved – with the exception that we would pause conversation when our account Megan Tarnow arrived

*President’s Note
Changes to the housing loan program were not required to be brought before the community. To be open and transparent, I believe this is an important program and changes need to be discussed by our community. Due to the importance of the housing loan program and the conversation that ensued, over 2 ½ hours was given to this agenda item. There was not enough time to cover all agenda items.

Loan Program –A brief history of the housing loan program was given. The housing loan program was established over 20 years ago during NRP phase 1. Housing loans generate unrestricted income for LHENA. LHENA has $934,679 in housing funds which need to be encumbered. Approximately $100,000 is unrestricted loan income. All of the housing funds will be included in today’s vote. In the future, LHENA can reallocate unrestricted loan income to a different project. The loan programs proposed will be in place for one year. Late in 2015 each of the loan programs will be assessed to determine if they are being utilized.
• The loan programs proposed are:
• Residential closed end revolving loan
• Green Loan
• Exterior Matching Deferred
• Historical Preservation
• Commercial revolving loan
• Residential with greater than 4 units loan

A motion to approve the loans program as presented was withdrawn.
A motion was made to allocate the money to the proposed loan programs with the following percentages. The motion failed for lack of a second.
• 40% Residential
• 0% Green
• 0% Exterior
• 20% Historic
• 20% Commercial
• 20% Four or more units

Comments and concerns:
• Felt that LHENA was giving away money
• Felt LHENA was giving money to people who can afford to take care of their homes
• Most disagreement came from the Green and Historical loans
• Points made that the historical homes are very expensive to maintain and repair
• Having these historic homes in good shape is good for the entire neighborhood.
Unable to find consensus on the package of loans it was decided to discuss each loan program separately and then attach a dollar amount to them.
Residential Closed End Revolving, the Commercial, and Residential greater than four units loan programs
A motion was made, seconded and passed by a vote of the community and the Board to approve three loan programs as presented: the Residential Closed End Revolving, the Commercial, and Residential greater than four units.
Green Loan program
A motion was made, seconded and passed by a vote of the community and the Board to approve the Green loan program.
Exterior Loan program
The Exterior Loan was discussed and the possibility of splitting this loan into two programs half addressing the owner occupied homes/duplexes in particular and half addressing the non-owner occupied. To address the concern that guidelines need to be in place to help with some lower income situations, the Exterior matching was proposed to set the Average Monthly Income [AMI] at 75% of the current Housing and Urban Development [HUD] guidelines for Minneapolis for owner occupied properties. The loan would be forgivable if the owner remains in the home for five years.
A motion was made, seconded and passed by a vote of the community the Board to approve the Exterior Loan program with the changes discussed as stated above.
Historic Loan program
A suggestion was made for the Historic Loan interest rate to be set at 0% to be paid back over ten years.
A motion was made, seconded and passed by a vote of the community and the Board to approve the Historic Loan program with the changes discussed and stated above.
Allocating Funds
Then there was discussion on how to allocate the dollars to each loan.
A motion was made, seconded and passed by a vote of the community and the Board to split the funds as follows:
• 40% Residential
• 5% Green
• 5% Exterior
• 10% Historical
• 20% Commercial
• 20% Over 4 Units
This is how it looks with the dollars attached:
Housing funds available are $934,679. This was split into the following housing programs:
• 40% Closed end residential revolving loan – $333,871
• 5% Green Loan- $41,733.50
• 5% Exterior Matching Deferred – $41,733.50
• 10% Historical Preservation – $83,467
• 20% Commercial revolving loan – $166,935
• 20% Greater than 4 unit residential revolving loan – %166,935
Administrative and marketing costs:
$ 5000.00 Annual administrative fee of Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) to administer all loans in LHENA’s loan program. This is a flat fee regardless of how many loans are generated per year.
$ 5000.00 Marketing of the loans
*Megan arrived in the middle of the Home Loan discussion and the conversation paused so Megan could present her information and then the Home Loan conversation continued.
Megan Tarnow – Accountant
Megan has been our accountant since 2003. She had preciously met with Treasurer Paul Ryan and Kristina Erazmus – staff for LHENA. She presented what had been discussed.
1. Switching over from Paychex to This service would be more economical for the Association.
2. Switching Kristina from Employee to Contractor.
3. Move to utilizing Vault for documents.
4. Continue Megan’s contract with a small pay increase from $300 to $350
A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve items 1 through 4.
President’s Update
Office Lease
Our short term lease is up. We need to discuss extending our lease for another six months.
A motion was made, seconded and passed to sign a six month lease with Intermedia Arts for the period Jan 1 – June 30, 2015
Social Committee Update
Update on the holiday Party at Williams. Motion was made, seconded and passed to budget $500 for the appetizers at the Holiday Party.
November will be Dine out for LHENA details will follow.
Councilmember Lisa Bender’s update
Given the full agenda, Councilmember Bender sent the Board an email update.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:10
Respectively submitted by Kristina Erazmus




Minutes: LHENA Board Meeting September 17, 2014
Jefferson Community School 6:30-8:30

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm
Present: Kyle Kilbourn, Sara Romananishan, Paul Ryan, Leslie Foreman, Bill Neumann, Michael Roden, Becky Durnbach, Tina Erazmus, Shandra, John, Bernadette, Dylan
Agenda approved, August Minutes approved all unanimously.
Update by CM Bender: Parklets open, Historic District, 29th Street and 26th / 28th Street.
Board Online Voting By-law Change: Language was approved unanimously. Votes need to be publically noticed 48 hours before the vote, except for board meeting minutes. Electronic voting may only be used on time sensitive items that expire before the next regular board meeting, excluding meeting minutes.
Discriminatory Dress Code Policy Letter: Becky and Leslie worked on a letter to be sent to Bar Louie regarding the new dress code policy that is allegedly phrased and directed to African Americans. Does Red Dragon have a similar policy? Becky will be checking into that. She will also check that these establishments are still enforcing the policy. A motion was made and seconded to approve the letter. It was passed unanimously.
New Office Space: A motion to approve the new office space at the Art’s Hub for $250.00 a month. There was a second to the motion and it was passed unanimously.
Whittier Community Issues Meeting: Leslie attended the Whittier Community meeting to get more information regarding the Organics Collection Program. Whittier Park has been chosen to be an Organics Drop off site. There is no kick off date yet.
Allen Spear LGBT Colonnade dedication Oct. 11, 11:00am at Mueller Park: Information will be posted on the website. Join the Impact supports and encourages residents to attend the dedication. A motion was made and seconded to approve this support. It passed unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report: Account balance is $16,353.38.
Environmental Committee: Bernadette reported Scott Hargarden is the new committee chair. The next meeting will be on Sept. 24th. The committee will meet the 4th Wednesday of the month at Jefferson School going forward.
Public Spaces Committee: Kyle talked about the success of the fundraising efforts by the Midtown Greenway.
Social: The social committee is planning a Halloween party at Mueller Park on Oct. 26th from 3-5. They are also planning a fundraiser at a local restaurant and a Holiday Decorating Contest.
Housing and development Task Force: At the next Task Force meeting on Oct. 7th they are asking residents to bring pictures of buildings that they like in the neighborhood, what they like and do not like about it.
Zoning and Planning: There were no agenda items – no meeting this month.
Meeting adjourned at 8:50
Submitted for approval by Kristina Erazmus

Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association

Meeting minutes

July 16, 2014 – 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Ballentine VFW, 2916 Lyndale Ave S

Speak respectfully, be concise

 Attendees: Sue Bode, Burt Coffin, Tim Dray, Leslie Foreman, Kyle Kilbourn, Sara Romanishan, Paul Ryan, Shae Walker and Tina Erazmus


6:30 Call to order


July agenda approved

June minutes approved

Update by Council Member Lisa Bender.

Introduction and update from Roy, Aide to Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene

Election to fill three open Board seats.

New board members are Becky Dernbach, Bill Neumann and Michael Roden. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in serving on the LHENA board.

Brian Schaffer, City of Minneapolis Planner, gave a presentation on the neighborhood rezoning study.

The rezoning study is being shelved because the City wants to look at development issues citywide. Planning tools will be adopted into the update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which must be updated by 2018 per the Met Council’s rules.

Peter Crandall is a CPED planner working on an Urban Design Assessment. Peter gave a brief overview of the Urban Design Assessment project. He will be invited to future meeting for a more in depth discussion about this project.

Carol Lansing, representing Graystar, gave an update on the Elan sign plan. The Board passed the following motions:

#1 – To request signage be residential in nature, street number on the building and not be a freestanding logo. If a monument sign is used, not to allow the extra 1 1/2 foot in height.

#2 – Not to approve the second monument sign as is, but would approve a wall mounted sign in lieu of the second monument sign of a size allowed by code.

President’s update:

Add Leslie and Paul as signers on the checking account.  The board passed the following motion:

In order for Leslie Foreman and Paul Ryan to become check signers on LHENA checking accounts, US Bank needs stated in the meeting minutes and recorded as, “I, Leslie Foreman, LHENA President, hereby declare that “Will Bornstein” and “Kristina Erazmus” will no longer be check writers for the LHENA account at US Bank and Leslie Foreman and Paul Ryan will from hereto forward be authorized check writers on the LHENA account at US Bank. Further, the LHENA Board authorizes this statement may be presented to a US Bank Account Manger as being stated in the meeting minutes.”

Tina’s time allocation: Please contact Leslie with Tasks for Tina. She was over on her hours in June.

Committee Updates:


Discussion about the motion regarding neighborhood identity signs to be put forth at the August meeting to update strategies and allow for payment.

Motion: The LHENA board makes a motion to move Phase I NRP Strategy 14.1 Neighborhood Signs to Phase II NRP Infrastructure 12.1.1.  Also change the language “work with local artists” to “work with Minneapolis Public Works.”  The board also passed a motion to move $2000 of program income from NRP Phase II strategy 3.1.1 Home Improvement Loans to Phase II NRP Strategy 12.1.1 Neighborhood Signs.

9:20 p.m. Adjourn

Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2014, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Neighborhood Involvement Program (NIP), 3rd floor conference room, 2431 Hennepin Ave

Attendees: Sue Bode, Bill Casey, Tim Dray, Leslie Foreman, Kyle Kilbourn, Sara Romanishan, and Paul Ryan, Kristina Erazmus (staff)

Absent: Will Bornstein, Burt Coffin, Linda McHale, Shae Walker,

Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.

June Board meeting agenda amended and approved

Council office update by Council Member Lisa Bender on:

  • Changes to permit accessory dwelling units is being brought forward. Open houses will be in August and expect the policy to move forward in October.
  • A “Parklet” pilot program is being implemented this summer
  • 36th Street protected bike lanes
  • The next public meeting on the 29th Street reconstruction will be at the end of July
  • Looking to add additional speed bumps on the 2800 and 2900 blocks of Bryant Ave S
  • 2320 Colfax project moving forward
  • Franklin and Lyndale project going before Planning Commission Committee of the Whole the week of June 23
  • Historic district in LHENA
  • The City received a State Historic Preservation Office (SHIPO) grant for a streetcar related study
  • CM Bender nominates district
  • City planner Brian Schaffer presented findings to council zoning and planning committee. LHENA has issues similar to many neighborhoods.
  • City staff does not support downzoning
  • A composting update is expected in spring 2015

Elan Sign Presentation

This item was removed from the agenda. Elan’s sign plan has been continued from the June 23 Planning Commission meeting to the July 14, 2014 Planning Commission meeting

Uptown Association Utility Box Wrap letter of Support

The Uptown Association requested of letter of support for their project to wrap 13 utility boxes in the Uptown area. Two of the utility boxes are in Lowry Hill East: one is at Girard Ave S and Lake Street in front of Stella’s Fish Café; one is at Dupont Ave S and Lake Street in front of Arby’s.

A motion was made and passed to for Leslie to sign the letter of support and return it to the Uptown Association.

Uptown Art Fair Pop Trailer

The Uptown Association asked if LHENA would like to staff a pop trailer during the 2014 Uptown Art Fair.  LHENA would receive 10% of the proceeds. If we matched our high sales (2,816 bottles in 2006) we will receive 20% of the proceeds. Bottles are $3 each. We are responsible for staffing the trailer with a minimum of three volunteers per shift. The Art Fair runs for 25 hours over three days.

Board discussion points: whether or not volunteers could be lined up for all the shifts, could we partner with another neighborhood to split the shifts and the proceeds, sales depend heavily on the weather, and selling plastic water bottles is not very green—could we explore volunteering with a green option for the 2015 Art Fair.

A motion was made and passed to forgo staffing a pop trailer at the 2014 Uptown Art Fair; and to work with the Uptown Association to identify a greener opportunity for LHENA at the 2015 Uptown Art Fair.

Community Participation Program funds rollover

Leslie received a request from Judy Duffey asking the LHENA Board approve rolling over $25,095.57 in unspent 2013 funds to our 2014 budget. The unspent money is mainly savings from not having a staff person.

A motion was made and passed to rollover unspent funds to the 2014 budget.

LHENA committees are:

  • NRP
  • Social
  • Zoning and Planning
  • Environment work group
  • Public Spaces work group

Committee Updates:

Zoning and Planning – Tim Dray

  • Tim Dray was LHENA’s elector to the June 12 NCEC meeting to elect a district representative. Debra Behrens was elected to represent District 6.
  • The developer survey will be on the July 9, 2014 Zoning and Planning agenda
  • Leslie contacted the people who expressed interest at the May Zoning and Planning committee in being on a subcommittee or task force addressing preservation and rezoning issues. The Board came to the consensus these important issues should be brought to the Zoning and Planning committee, there should not be a separate subcommittee. Leslie will contact everyone with this information.

NRP – Sara Romanishan

  • Michael Roden is the new chair. He will be leading the bike rack initiative.
  • Dotmocracy: The NRP committee is looking for direction from the Board on the dotmocracy results from the annual meeting. A motion was made and passed for the NRP committee to put together a survey with project suggestions for the top eight categories. Anyone interested in working on the survey language is welcome to help with the survey.

Social– Sara Romanishan

  • July 12 is the neighborhood Garage Sale, Swap Meet and Ice Cream Social. A motion was made and passed to authorize spending a maximum of $400 for a flyer in the July 3, 2014, SW Journal and a maximum of $70 for an ad in the StarTribune.

Social media discussion

The Board discussed improving our social media presence. Tina is working on an overhaul of our website including possibly changing platforms. She expects to have a quote for the website re-do at the July Board meeting. Discussed having board members begin reaching out to neighbors asking them to like LHENA’s Facebook page.

Meeting and committee guidelines, conflict of interest disclosure

A discussion of these guidelines and disclosure began at the Zoning and Planning committee meeting last week. The committee thought the Board was the appropriate place for this discussion. The board decided to ask for several volunteers to draft meeting and committee guidelines and an ethics and conflict of interest disclosure form from samples given to the Board by Michelle Chavez, LHENA’s NCR Neighborhood Specialist.

New Business:

Lowry Hill East identity signs – Kyle Kilbourn: The cost of the new signs has been approved. To support being open and transparent, a motion was made and passed to approve the design and give Kyle the authority to work with City of Minneapolis Public Works staff to proceed with sign production and installation.

LHENA representative to the Midtown Greenway Coalition (MGC) – Tim Dray: The MGC asked for a representative from LHENA to serve on the MGC board. LHENA is the only neighborhood without a neighborhood representative. A motion was made and passed to appoint Kyle as the interim LHENA representative to the MGC Board.

Robert Thompson, NCR staff, sent an email to Leslie asking if LHENA was interested in an opt-in General Liability insurance policy. The General Liability policy is additional insurance to the Directors and Officers policy. The cost would be $536 for one year. An informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 25, 2014, about the insurance. NCR needs a decision by Wednesday, June 25, 2014 on whether or not LHENA would like to opt-in for this insurance. A motion was made and passed to find out what our current policy covers. A motion was made and passed that if we are not covered to shop for quotes. Tina will work with Michelle Chavez, NCR Neighborhood Specialist, to determine if LHENA has appropriate insurance coverage.

At the July 16, 2014 LHENA Board meeting the board will vote to fill two open Board positions. The positions run through March 2015.